Alexandra Deubner

Career Coaching.

Find your unique path in career & life.


I'm happy you visit me on my website.

With reference to this quote by Thomas Jefferson, I can already congratulate you - you've done the first step.

If you would like to change or develop your career or if you would like to improve your life - I'm here to help.


I am a coach, career consultant, trainer, motivator and confidence booster, solution finder, ... and will listen and support you full-heartedly if your life isn't going the way you would like it to go and you cannot seem to find a solution on your own. Be it that you have job problems, would like to change careers or somehow cannot get rid of the feeling that there is so much more within you and that can't be all there is.


And I know that feeling very well. While many of my friends had already known in high school what they wanted to become when they were grown up, I had no clue.

I walked a long way until I finally arrived at coaching (you can find more about me here). It was an eventful path with ups and downs. I learned a lot and know now that what I really want to do in my heart of hearts and what I'm really good at is helping others figuring out how to improve their lives, how to live happier lives (you find more about what I offer here). I would love to help and support you as well, because together we achieve more – let us start!

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Walt Disney

"If you want something you've never had, you need to do something you've never done."

Thomas Jefferson